With the Covid-19 Stay-at-Home orders requiring us to move our camp online, we know that you might have quite a few questions about this change.  So we've created this page to help answer those questions.


Please feel free to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for here!

The Quick Details

JUNE 22 - JULY 3, 2020

GRADES: 1-10

ENROLLMENT: $275 per student for a two week session

Contact our office for multiple-student discounts

CAMP HOURS: 9:00am - 12:00pm EST

CAMP MASTER CLASS HOURS: 9:00am-12:30 EST    $300 per student

All experience levels welcome!


• Is my internet speed fast enough for these Zoom classes?

All of our classes will be online and you'll need fairly reliable internet access to attend them.  And while everyone's internet speed capabilities are unique to their location, most homes will be well equipped to handle these classes.  If you would like further specifics, you can check out Zoom's answers here.

• What kind of online protections are there for these classes?

Access to the session pages is password protected.  Without access to these passwords, no one will be able to gain access to the Zoom classes.  

• Is Break Time supervised?

No, Break Time is not supervised.  There is no online location created for the campers to hang out in during Break Time.  We feel that these times are an important opportunity to give the students a break not only from the curriculum, but also from Zoom (and sitting in front of their screen for so long).

• You will need to fill out release forms for each student. 

You can access and download release forms here:

You can access and download photo release forms here:   


• It's the first day of camp... what do I do?

Hooray!  Welcome to camp! Each morning of camp a login link will be emailed to you 30 minutes before the start of that day's session.  If you already have Zoom downloaded on your computer (which you'll need to do beforehand), then a Zoom meeting window should pop up.  All you do is put in the password that will also be in the email. That's about it! The camp director and teachers will take it from there!  You can take a tour of what classes will look like HERE.

• What if I don't have, or I lost, the password?

If it's during camp hours, contact here our: Technical Director, Mike, and he'll get it to you asap.  If it's after camp hours, email us and we'll get it to you right away.

• How will this new online format work?  How will they attend class?

Azoom link and password will be emailed to you each morning of the camp. If you already have Zoom downloaded on your computer (which you'll need to do beforehand), then a Zoom meeting window should pop up.  All you do is put in the password that will also be in the email. That's about it! The camp director and teachers will take it from there! All classes will be very active and interactive. Students will be on their feet and engaged with the teacher and classmates throughout each class. EVen the breaks will be interactive!

• Where is the Zoom link for my child to attend classes?

The zoom link and password will be emailed to you each morning of the camp. Once they're logged in, the teachers will take it from there. 

• Will they need to switch from class to class themselves, or will the teacher do it?

Once they're logged in, the Teachers, Camp Director and Technical Director will take it from there. During the 5 minute breaks students will be required to leave their cameras on. During the 15 minute snack break​ students will have the option of turning the camera off. But they won't want to miss out on the 15 minute daily dance party!

• What kind of space inside my home will my child need for these classes?

They'll need a space that can accommodate three main factors:

1. A place where they can sit comfortably for an extended period of time

2. An environment that is relatively quiet.  Not only for them to hear the classroom, but also so that they're not distracting other students with a large amount of background noise.

3. A space that they can get out of their seat and dance!  Dance class will need some space to move, and still see the virtual classroom.  You can see an example of the Dance Class HERE.

*It would be a good idea to take some time before the first day of camp to find the best space for them, and give it a test run on Zoom.

• What if my child only wants to do one or two classes per day?

Our program is geared towards creating fun and exciting content for the final performance.  If campers don't attend all their classes, then it becomes impossible for the teachers to plan for scenes / songs / dances  that incorporate all of the students on their class list.  We ask that all students attend all their classes, just as they would if they were dropped off at a physical camp site.

• How big will each class/group be?

In an effort to make the camp experience more enjoyable for all of our students, we're limiting the size of the classes/groups to 10 campers per group.  We will hold true to this enrollment cap.​

• What happens if my child is late to a class?

It's okay!  We understand that things might pop up here and there, and that campers might be late.  All we ask is that you join the class as soon as you can and keep the fun rolling!

• Why are there 5 minute breaks between some classes?

We built in these 5 minute breaks for a few reasons:

1. Instead of using valuable class time, these breaks would be the perfect opportunity for campers to use the bathroom or grab a snack.

2. A quick little moment for the campers' eyes, brains, and body to take a break from the computer.

3. It's a chance to stand up and move their body!  Get up and wiggle around and use that awesome energy of theirs! During this break the student will be assigned a task to complete in order to get into the next class! Kind of like a scavenger hunt!

• When is Snack and Stretch?

Snack is 10:15 am - 10:30 am. But even that is interactive with a pre-recorded dance party playlist!  You can see an example of the full schedule HERE.


• What kind of equipment does my child need?

In order to attend camp, they'll need a computer/laptop/tablet/phone that has a camera and a microphone.  Steady internet access is also needed.  And although it's not required, headphones can be a big bonus, and ear buds with a built-in microphone (that ones that you would use for your phone, cord or no cord) are awesome!  Whatever combination of these you decide is best for your camper, a trial run with Zoom is highly recommended.

• Can they attend classes on their phone?

Yes, you can definitely use a smart phone for camp, but it's not recommended.  The screen is very small, so viewing the teacher can sometimes be difficult.  Also, for the class sizes that we'll have, you might not be able to see all of the other campers at the same time, as you would on a computer, laptop, or tablet.

• Will they need a special microphone and/or headphones?

No, they won't need anything special, as long as their device (computer/laptop/tablet/cell phone) has a built-in camera and microphone, which the vast majority of the devices out there do nowadays.  Headphones or ear buds can be a great addition to their camp experience though.  And headphones or ear buds with a built-in microphone (the ones that you would use for your phone, cord or no cord) are awesome!  Whatever combination of these you decide is best for your camper, a trial run with Zoom is highly recommended.

• What happens if I have more than one child signed up for camp?  Can they share a computer for this new online format?

No, this is not recommended.  It would be better for their overall camp experience if they each had their own dedicated device, even if they're in the same group/class.

• Are there any other camp supplies that we will need?

Younger campers will need a box of supplies. These will be supplied by the camp. A schedule will be set up for campers to come to our offices to pick up their supplies that are included with the cost of the camp.


• How does the Final Performance work, now that all classes are online?

We are still going to offer a free Final Performance for all the campers to participate in, which will be made available for a live viewing to the campers, their families, and friends all across the country.  Many of the classes they'll take during the two week run of the camp will be geared towards creating the content for this performance.  Similar to final performances that they may have participated in in the past, each camper will perform.  All of the campers will, at some point during camp, have their performances recorded.  The teachers will then take that footage and edit it all together into a large variety show.  This show will then be aired live for the campers, their family, and their friends to watch from anywhere in the country.  The performance will be aired on Thursday night, July 9 at 7PM. Don't worry if you can make it that night. The performance can be rewatched as often as you'd like once it is broadcast.

• How can we watch the Final Performance?

We will air the pre-recorded Final Performance live from an online platform.  This way, everyone will be able to watch the show for free and all at the same time!  The link to watch the Final Performance will be emailed to you and you can share it with family and froiends all across the country. 


• What are the different class levels?

LEVEL 1—Ages 6-8  or 1st -- 3rd grade

LEVEL 2—Ages 9‐11 or 4th -- 6th grade

LEVEL 3—Ages 12-16 or 7th -- 11th grade

MASTER CLASS--Ages 9 and up. Must have previous Theater experience at the community or regional level.

• What happens if we start camp, but my child doesn't like it and wants to quit?  Can I still get a refund?

Yes!  We're sorry that your camper is not happy with this new format, but we completely understand and realize that it's just not for everyone.  As long as it is before or within the first three days of the camp starting, we can refund your enrollment fee, minus a $100 non-refundable deposit.  If this request is made within the first three days of camp, the refund will be prorated to reflect the time they spent at camp.  Contact Jeannie Butler at info@augustaplayers.org OR call 706-826-4707.

• What if my child misses a class (or an entire day), due to technical difficulties?  Will I be refunded for this?

No.  It will be up to the camper (and parents) to make sure that they attend classes.  And if they aren't in class, unfortunately the teachers don't have the time to try and track them down while they are working with other students. 

• What happens if restrictions are relaxed for summer camps?  Will we move camp back to in-person?

No.  Because we are completely changing the format of the camp, the content will also change with it.  That means that the teachers are writing, choreographing, and creating lesson plans that are specific to this online format.  Just as a script that was written for the stage simply will not work for a Zoom recorded project, we wouldn't be able to transfer these original Zoom scripts to a large stage.  Additionally, because we are offering the class online, we've been able to open up enrollment to students outside our area.  We are hoping to gain new campers from around the country!  

• Will the online camp cost the same as regular camp?

No.  The cost for camp will be lowered to $275. Based on our research of similar camps across the country, we've found that this is still a phenomenal deal. For families with multiple students attending camp, there is a discount. You can find out more about that discount HERE. Please contact our office at 706-826-4707. 

• Will we still get camp t-shirts?

YES!  We will set up a T-shirt pick-up day and time once they are printed.


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